I really enjoyed my college experience. During college, I founded and managed a service-oriented student club and worked as a student employee in student activities and admissions throughout college. This year is a gap year as I enroll in graduate programs for Fall 2013. Its been a fun, challenging, and exciting four years!

As an applicant to universities, I’ve experienced both acceptance and rejection. Throughout the process, I learned that being well informed gives you a definite edge. I was accepted to 10 different colleges and attended my first choice, designated a 2007 ’hidden ivy’ by Princeton Review.

Knowing how to navigate the maze of college admissions maze can greatly assist you in ensuring that acceptance letter. It can also help you get a better grip on scholarship applications and grant assistance, so you can get what you want for less than the stated price tag.

There are some big hurdles to the 2012 application year; economic strain, increased competition for coveted schools, positions, and financial assistance, higher tuition rates, and noticeable advantage for early-submitted admissions. A little extra information never hurts! If you’re uncertain how to start, feel uninformed or want to hear some tricks of the trade, give me a call! I work with students and their parents to get you the grade that you want to see. Remember, A is for Accepted!

My name is Janet Greider. I’m a 2008 graduate of Collier County Public School System, and 2012 graduate of the Virginian University of Mary Washington, magna cum laude B.S. Psychology.
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