As a student applies to colleges, its sometimes difficult for them to hear the (often good) advice of their parents. It seems to be a curious-but temporary- deafness that occurs somewhere between the ages of 13 -18, and limits their ability to hear clearly the unsolicited advice of anyone over the age of 30. A very unfortunate affliction.

AVID, a successful college preparation program that works in tandem with the public school systems of 45 different states, has found away around this temporary deafness by integrating college-age students into the classroom as tutors and role models. Application and college choice advice that parents and teachers have often repeated seems to stick a bit more successfully when delivered by someone seen as belonging to the collegiate culture.

In much the same way as the AVID tutors work with the teacher, I am a tutor of the subject ‘college admissions’ and I work with you to help your student listen and consider your ideas and advice. In the first session, I meet with both you and the student to identify the students goals and your limitations, such as distance, unassisted cost contribution or curriculum limits. Together we develop a program that will meet your parameters.

In addition to this, I can update you through email or phone (your preference) after each session so you can follow along with the goals we’ve already accomplished, what we’ll be doing next week, and any tasks between sessions that the student may need your assistance with.

My goal is to smooth the college application process for both you and your student, so that it is both the most efficient and effective process, gaining the most desired outcome at the least cost.

If you’re looking for help in motivating your students progress in college applications, please feel free to email me at or contact me at 239-287-6456. I look forward to hearing from you!

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